Came across this new book during my travels around the world (wide web). Thought you might be interested. Fits in with my fixation with the whole MC (Motorcycle Club) culture of the 60's and 70's that came over me after reading Hunter S. Thompson's Hells Angels. From watching every Gangland episode with biker gangs, watching Easy Rider (do yourself a favor and don't, I think it's one of those you had to be there during that time kind of thing for it to have any impact on you), watching Hell Rider (do yourself a favor and watch this instead of Easy Rider and you'll be much happier), to watching the male oriented soap opera featuring the boys of SAMCRO Sons of Anarchy (new season starts next month). Get the limited edition hardcover for $40 here.

From the Publisher:
180 Pages. 9" x 9", limited edition hardcover.

Classic images of bikers from the 70’s and earlier are a hit among today’s discriminating enthusiasts. And it’s not just a case of looking back through rose colored glasses to motorcycling’s past. Rather it is the natural consequence when popular culture celebrates cartoonish exaggerations, and shuns the genuine.

Doug Barber’s photos remind us of a time when the bikes, and the people that rode them were the real deal. Thankfully, Doug was there living it; not just as an observer from the outside. This collection of images combined with the words of Sorez the Scribe provides a unique glimpse into our culture’s past. For those that lived, partied and rode during that time it’s a memory book of sorts. For the new generation it represents the path less chosen, inspiration, and a history book of our two- wheeled forefathers.

Living the life, it’s good for your soul.

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