Welcome to The Cultured Hooligan. This is a site where I'll spew the thoughts that come to my mind, review things I'm interested in, and share some of the things I'm currently obsessing over.

The idea for this was inspired from my daily commute to work. Everyday I pass a newsstand that has a big ad for The New Yorker. Maybe you know it. A depiction of what a New Yorker is supposed to be: an aristocrat douchebag with a top hat and a monocle (if you don't know it, check it out for yourself here). For some reason this annoyed the hell out of me. Maybe it's me being a class-ist in favor of the plight of the "working man"? I thought to myself that I should share some of the shit I'm into. Some may be lowbrow, some highbrow, but all interesting to me. So, fueled by this annoyance, I decided that I would create a world "influenced" by the look of The New Yorker and its website, and since the death of a podcast I was doing allowed for some free time to open up in my life, I decided that I would share my views with the world in the written form, here. From fisticuffs to cuff-links and all the lifestyles that fall in between. You'll find the rants of an over-educated, overly-opinionated, reformed hooligan with "classy" tastes. Enjoy.

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