The Cultured Hooligan Podcast #1 - Matty King (Stormshadow, The Match and The Moth)

An interview with musician, artist, philosopher Matty King of Stormshadow and The Match and The Moth.

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When this album was first limitedly released years ago I liked screaming along with the lyrics (most notably "Greaser forever, Social Never") but I couldn't truly grasp it. I knew I was in the presence of something brilliant, but it's taken years of development and growth, of heartache, pain, failures, triumphs - to truly appreciate all that comprises this album.

Completely frenetic, beautiful, sad, lovely and yes, angry. Catchy without being pop. Technical without being annoying. Truly poetic lyrics without being flowery or corny. Sometimes political, sometimes introspectual, sometimes funny, sometimes analytical, sometimes a mixture.

Sweet, angelic (and sometimes even sexy) female vocals juxtaposed with the guttural growls of anger and frustration from a man wrestling with his demons and living in a world where it seems only he knows is insane.

Musically a product of their diverse influences (e.g. Minutemen, Black Sabbath, Human Remains) but without being derivative. A sound of their own.

Most songs clock in well under 2 minutes but are jam packed with changes, energy, and great lyrics. They take you on a journey where time doesn't exist and only on Earth is it that such a short time has passed. The music/feeling/energy hits so hard, that each song itself is a lifetime of emotion that sticks to your soul.

A timeless record, it could have been recorded last week, 13 years ago, or 30 years ago. Kudos to Don Giovani Records for having the smarts to release it and share this with the world.

You'd be a fool not to experience this record, and an idiot not to have it in your life.

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Yet another 20th Century great American novel is being adapted to the big screen this month.  F. Scott Fitzgerald's tale of the roaring twenties.  Directed by Baz Luhrmann of Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! fameSo, expect it to look cool but have a out of character sound track.


More info at the official site.


The theatrical adaptation of Jack Kerouac's great American novel. Directed by Walter Salles of The Motorcycle Diaries fame. Hopefully it'll live up to the novel. It has Kristen Stewart in it, but she was decent in the The Runaways, so I won't hold Twilight against her. Hell, maybe even the Beat and Beatnik culture will become hot again because of her involvement.  Soon enough striped shirts, turtlenecks, and bongos will be in the front window of your local Hot Topic.

Watch the trailer:

More info. at the official website.